At the end of the day we believe we have ELITE People,
ELITE Technology, and ELITE Solutions!

S2G Culture Submark

Shaping our culture through the Support Services Group ELITE Values. Our Support Services Group ELITE Values provide a consistent set of expectations for how we operate and interact. These clear principles serve as guidelines for the daily actions of our employees and serve as indicators to our customers for quality of service they will receive.

We are continuously learning, improving, and applying our talents in pursuit of excellence.

We exhibit leadership by delivering creative solutions and exceptional customer service.  As individuals, we are empowered to innovate and lead by example.


We believe in being honest, ethical, and fair in everything we do. This integrity is essential to our very existence as a business.


We foster teamwork by building healthy relationships and promoting accountability and working hard towards common goals.  When we pool our individual, complementary abilities, we accomplish extraordinary things.


We believe in the importance of having fun in the process. When we enjoy the people we work with and the environment we work in, it’s much easier to focus our passion towards providing exceptional service.

Caring Culture

Support Services Group strives to ensure that our Core Beliefs and Values are not only lived in the workplace, but also extended out into our local communities. The Support Services Group Cares program aims to improve the quality of life for those closest to us. Our Support Services Group Cares initiatives include emergency financial assistance, frequent company celebrations, and community outreach opportunities for our employees. Support Services Group Cares enables our employees to explore and realize their potential both in the workplace and in our communities. Positively impacting our employees and our communities  is the core of the Support Services Group Family culture.