We Understand the Problem

Today, business are faced with increased competition and tighter budgets.  To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must reach out to their customers more than ever before.

Customer contact centers are integral to a business’ relationship with the people who matter most – the customers.  You don’t want just any customer contact center interacting with your most valuable asset.  You want one that has proven to be effective, live your own company culture and values, has true multi-channel communications capabilities and delivers exceptional customer experiences.

You want a center that becomes an extension of your business, one that understands your company’s culture, personality, and services.  Your contact center partner should represent you just as well as any of your employees do.  They should be your contact center think tank.

Support Services Group is just that. We are dedicated to building deep, sustainable and long-term client relationships based on collaboration, customization, and quality. Our open architecture allows us to adopt and integrate your business technology and processes leveraging your existing infrastructure investments. Our flexible, customizable platform enables rapid scalability. We become immersed in the culture and personality of our clients and their brands. We deliver an integrated services approach and flexible business practices that employ knowledgeable agents to resolve any customer situation in an efficient and effective manner. Partnering with Support Services Group means providing exceptional and innovative customer care for you and your customers.

Your Customers are Your Most Precious Asset, and We Know That

How you protect and nurture your relationship with them has a direct impact on your bottom line. Selecting a trusted partner that understands your business and that every interaction counts is mission critical. We convert your consumer interactions into lifetime relationships.

Chances are, we already know your business and can deliver solutions with the precision you require. When you say you need to grow revenue, maximize profitability with both customers and prospects, break into new markets and even recover more debt, we act accordingly and provide you with the services that make the most of both your money and your time.

We bring to the table one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of customer contact solutions and we can deliver them in any combination and apply them to any business necessary. We deploy a full array of tools to manage these interactions, strengthen your customer relationships, and provide actionable data that can influence your marketing and business strategies.

Our Services

  • Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Technical Help Desk Support Services
  • B2B and B2C Sales, Sales Support and Order Management
  • 24/7/ 365 Customer Care
  • Warranty and Post Warranty Support Solutions
  • Product Recall and Critical Events
  • RMA Management, Reverse Logistics, Inventory Management
  • Internal and Customer Facing KnowledgeBase Development and Management

Channels Supported

  • Inbound / Outbound
  • Voice, Email, Web, Chat, Mobile Devices
  • IVR, KDB, CRM, Self Service, Web Stores Tools and Technology
  • Multi-lingual capabilities

We Will Help You Realize Results

No program is too big or too small. Whether you are looking for 10 seats or 1,000 seats, we will work in tandem with your team to provide a solution for your business requirements and needs.  Our methods have proven effective, giving our clients a powerful tool to help manage their businesses.

With Support Services Group, you get enterprise-wide process improvements that decrease costs while increasing revenue and elevating customer loyalty and satisfaction. We always rise above expectations.