Support Services Group is proud to meet and exceed the quality benchmarks established by our industry.

In addition to being certified by several national standards organizations, we have documented our business processes and created and implemented internal best practices that govern each and every transaction. Our focus on quality and compliance underscores our commitment to delivering superior service, and it gives our partners peace of mind that their customers are in excellent hands. Every call and every transaction counts at Support Services Group!

Below are more details of Support Services Group’s industry compliance practices.



Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certification                                                                                                           

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is awarded to companies that have met a rigorous set of requirements pertaining to credit card data security. While all providers that capture, process, or store credit card data must be compliant, with PCI standards, companies that receive PCI-DSS certification have demonstrated proof that they have adopted robust and consistent data security measures across numerous applications.


Regular Internal and External Audits

Support Services Group has established a security management committee that routinely conducts vulnerability assessments and in-depth reviews of Support Services Group IT and security policies. We also conduct external security audits for our customers utilizing standard audit questionnaires, the Information Protection Program and Administrations Assessment, augmented with other information as required. This practice allows us to continually identify areas for improvement and make refinements to our business processes.