Our S2GOptics intelligent solutions offerings can provide you valuable insight from critical customer data points, enabling you to to fine tune your operations and positively impact your bottom line. Our S2GOptics Business Intelligence offering is scalable and customizable and can be built to meet your evolving business needs.

True Business Intelligence

Our Support Services Group, Inc. Optics Dashboard is a leading edge Business Intelligence Analytics Dashboard that is custom built to your unique needs. We understand that your time is valuable and data needs to be accessible, customizable, and most importantly accessible at your demand! Our dashboard enables non-technical users to view and analyze large data sets from multiple sources (phone, email, chat, FCR, VOC, CSAT) on any device, at any time.

Not only do we direct our clients to use the Support Services Group, Inc. Optics platform for valuable insights, but we use this to guide our internal operational decisions as well. This includes call details, call trends, and forecasts -to provide instant visibility to management on key areas of focus for the business and for the client.

Speech Analytics

Support Services Group’s Speech Analytics offering enables you to gain valuable insights from thousands of customer calls. Our voice analytics solution leverages a custom library, based on your specifications and goals, to analyze interactions and produce meaningful data to drive improvements on call quality, customer satisfaction, sales efficiency, capture voice of the customer, customer sentiment analysis, first call resolution, silence analysis, true call drivers and more.

Automated Redaction

We will work with you to build a custom vocabulary library that is used to detect and remove sensitive information from call recordings, and ensure the highest possible success rate on redacted content.

Intelligent Custom IVR Solutions

We believe in putting the customer experience first. This includes ensuring that the customer has the information they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our intelligent IVR can offer a WISMO (Where is My Order)  feature that allows a customer to input their order number verbally or via keypad to receive tracking and shipping information, without having to wait to speak with an agent. This feature enhances the customer experience, saving them time, and saving you money!

Multi-Channel Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Understanding the Voice of your Customer is key when making critical business decisions. We offer tailored post-interaction surveys on voice, chat, and email interactions. These surveys provide valuable Voice of the Customer feedback and critical First Call Resolution data. Once captured post-interaction, this data can be integrated into our Support Services Group, Inc. Optics Dashboard so that you have a holistic view of the customer interaction journey.