WFM Staff Planning

In order to meet the needs of your customers, it is crucial that you have the right resources available, in the right channels, at the right times. Our sophisticated multi-dimensional workforce tool is a mechanism for managing many contact channels, media and skills, and allows us to remain on the leading edge of customer service, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and profitability.

Our WFM tool provides intelligent analytics-driven, automated forecasting and scheduling that’s accurate, efficient and fair –engaging and empowering agents who deliver greatly improved customer experiences.

We can offer Workforce Planning and Management for your in-house team, ensuring that you meet your customers on their terms, and maintain internal operational efficiency.

Multi-skill, multi-site, long-term and intraday forecastingSkill/Competence management
Multichannel support (including social media and chat)Standard Reporting
Back-office forecasting, scheduling and optimizationPerformance management, dashboard and scorecards
Outbound forecasting, scheduling and optimizationAgent self-service with automation of time-off requests and shift trades
Scheduling - down to one - minute intervalsTeam leader portal with quick overview and change capability
Real time adherenceAgent SMS updates
Meeting plannerVacation planning
Availability in the cloudBudgeting and what-if scenario analysis
Gamification featuresIntuitive and user-friendly